Case Studies

Plastic Engineering Applications: Factory Drain Pots

At Engineering Plastic Services we often get called out to our customers’ factories to measure, design, prototype, and manufacture a batch of approved items. Sometimes we simply produce a bespoke part, machine guard, bush, or machine spare or any site service problem which has occurred.

In this particular case study we were asked to call into one of our key customers, a leading processed meat manufacturer in the North West, to rectify a problem that had arisen with the stainless steel drain pots inserted into the ground of the factory floor which had been backfilled up with water.

After getting in touch with EPS we measured, designed and manufactured a bespoke plastic version in a polypropylene material. This material has no scrap value, consequently becoming worthless to anybody who wishes to steal them for profit.

After prototypes of our designs were tested and deemed fit for purpose, we were asked to manufacture 40 of the items.

Plastic Engineering Applications: Printing Machine Pump Heads

In this case study Engineering Plastic Services were asked to have a meeting at a leading print labelling company who we have worked with many times previously.  Our contact at the company, the site engineering manager, had a problem with the pump heads on his large printing machines. These pieces of equipment had a lot of years service behind them and they needed to be replaced.

After trialling several pump heads it was found that the new versions were simply not up to the standard of their forerunners for a number of reasons:

  • In the factory there are ten production lines each with their own pump heads, so replacing each tool piece on every machine could prove costly.
  • The main problem with the previous pump heads was that their spare parts were becoming obsolete and no longer available from their manufacturer.

The defective part of the pump head was the end casting assembly and so we stepped in to help design, prototype, and manufacture new acrylic end casings for the machines. This process took only 3-4 weeks, from the initial call and meet up, to the approval of prototype, and finally the first batch of 10 casings delivered.

Seven years later, we still receive orders from this client for our bespoke designs. See some of our casings above.

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