Gutter Restoration Work

Gutter restoration: In England rainwater systems have been used to drain roofs since 1066 when a rainwater pipe was erected at the Tower of London to protect its newly whitewashed walls.

This means that there are plenty of aged guttering systems which need restoring across the country.

At Engineering Plastic Services we have been involved in a number of restoration projects across the North West.
Our main proficiency and expertise is re-proofing the original exterior guttering and hoppers on listed buildings and churches around Liverpool and the North West.

We reproduce the original cast iron rectangular guttering and hoppers in a black PVC material with a professional paint finish by our restoration contractor to match the original installation colour on site.

We have worked on Liverpool’s iconic Cunard Building in the historic waterfront area, one of the city’s Three Graces.

We were asked to reproduce replacement globes for the top of the original 18th century streetlamps via forming methods.
Due to the UK casting industry becoming almost extinct, Engineering Plastic Service’s restoration services are rapidly increasing.

Whether we are completely refitting or just replacing various parts of the original castings in sections, we can provide an unbeatable service which perfectly matches the project’s original style and design.

Our Work

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