Acrylic Engineering

Acrylic engineering Liverpool: Acrylic is naturally colourless and exceptionally clear, so it can be pigmented to achieve a wide range of tints and colours with practically limitless scope in varying light transmission and diffusion.

Sometimes referred to as Perspex, Plexiglas or Lucite, acrylic possesses light transmission properties and resistance to weathering. These properties are unrivalled by many other plastic materials.

We stock many forms of acrylic in standard sheet sizes and cut-to-size panels from 2-40mm, including extruded, clear cast, coloured, tinted, and frosted.

A wide range of industrial and artistic processes can be used to machine, fabricate or shape acrylic sheets.

Acrylic is used in many applications, for example:

  • Illuminated Signs, Light Diffusers, etc.
  • Point of Sale & Shop fittings
  • Sunbed Screens
  • Light Fittings, Skylights
  • Display Cases, Retail Display
  • Greenhouses
  • Medical Usage, e.g. Incubators
  • Safety Panels
  • Sound Barriers
  • Machine Guarding

We are innovative acrylic craftsmen, who pride ourselves on fantastic quality, service and attention to detail. A comprehensive service is offered and materials may be cut, shaped, bent, glued and formed to a very high specification and produce affordable acrylic products for you.

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