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At Engineering Plastic Services we have been in the plastic manufacturing industry for over 35 years. We have experience working alongside many clients including small and large businesses as well as substantial organisations.

plastic manufacturing

CNC Routing

We have the capacity to fabricate a whole range of complex shapes on our AXYZ 6010 series router. With the machine’s suction bed capable of taking a 3000mm x 2000mm sheet, it is capable of running on all standard data modes for all manner of plastic manufacturing requirements.

plastic manufacturing


With years of experience in skilfully operating these machines we can cater for all of your standard machining needs with our conventional machine. We can also offer a quality CNC service, helping you design the component you’re looking for.

plastic manufacturing


If you require a plastic milling service, performed by a company with an unparalleled level of customer service and high production quality in a variety of materials, Engineering Plastic Services is for you!

plastic manufacturing

Gutter Adaptors (Fabrication)

As part of our sustained product development initiatives, we are continually introducing new innovative products and updating our existing ranges. We fabricate adaptors from all the leading brands including Marley, Freeform, Key Terrain, Polypipe and more.

plastic manufacturing

Point of Display (Promos)

We specialise in a bespoke service for your brand, uniquely designed in a small batch quantity to allow you to have something different from the standard products available. This guarantees each of our customers has their own custom-built design.

plastic manufacturing

Machine Guarding

At Engineering Plastic Services we understand that machine guards are incredibly important, which is why we offer a manufacture and maintenance service for different applications from stainless steel framed enclosures to one-off fabrications.

plastic manufacturing

Ventilation Fabrications

We work with both PVC and fire retardant polypropylene materials and can supply a full range of PVC and polypropylene ventilation pipework and fittings typically used in the process of fume extraction.

plastic manufacturing

Restoration Work Guttering

We have been involved in a number of restoration projects across the North West. Our expertise is re-proofing the original exterior guttering and hoppers on listed buildings and churches around Liverpool and the North West.

What we offer

plastic manufacturing


Sometimes referred to as Perspex, Plexiglas or Lucite, acrylic possesses light transmission properties and resistance to weathering. These properties are unrivalled by many other plastic materials.

plastic manufacturing

PVC Cladding

Strong with excellent impact strength, fire rating performance, ideal for applications where a high degree of hygiene is essential. Quick and easy to install, we strongly recommend our cost effective range offering full flexibility for all layouts.

plastic manufacturing


The impact resistance of Polycarbonate is 15-20 times higher than that of Acrylic sheet, which is why it is the preferred choice of all the engineered plastics for many protective viewing applications.

Our skilled engineers have over 50 years combined experience in all processes related to plastics manufacturing and fabrication.

We service a range of companies for master weights to give them weight accuracy to extremely fine limits including Iceland, Tulip, BASF & Renshaw’s. We manufacture a full range of fabrication items in PVC, PP, CPCV and much more for the water treatment industry. To this day we continue to research, develop and manufacture from prototypes to huge batches of various products to suit your industry.

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